What is Teeth Whitening and What Types are There?

Professional tooth whitening is characterized by the presenting of an innovative and effective solution for removing the yellowish color that can appear in the teeth for a variety of reasons. 

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What is tooth whitening? 

Your cover letter is your smile. You will be able to make a good impression while also keeping your teeth healthy for a long time if you take care of it. Changes in dental tone can be caused by poor oral hygiene, a lack of vitamins, or the consumption of certain products, such as medications or coffee. 

Today, it is possible to whiten your teeth thanks to dental treatments performed by a dental professional or a take-home kit provided by your dentist. 

As industry experts, we are constantly evolving, and as a result, we have the training to use bleaching agents safely. We offer safe and reliable treatment to  provides you with excellent quality results. 

Teeth Whitening Methods 

Whitening might need to be applied one or more timed depending on the teeth in question. In any case, they are highly effective methods that will provide you with better results than you currently have.  

Who can get Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Our dental team will first ensure that your oral health is in good enough condition to perform teeth whitening and will isolate the area so that the bleaching agents do not come into contact with the periodontal tissues. If you are using the provided take-home kit, follow the instructions thoroughly.

Keeping Your Results 

New Look Dental Care recommends the following to extend the life of newly whitened teeth: 

• At-home follow-up or maintenance whitening can be done right away or as infrequently as once a year. 

• For at least a week after whitening, avoid dark-colored foods and beverages. 

• When possible, sip dark-colored beverages through a straw. 

• Brushing and flossing after meals and at bedtime are examples of good oral hygiene.

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