What is Teeth Whitening and What Types are There?

Professional tooth whitening is characterized by presenting an innovative and effective solution to eliminating the yellowish color that, for different reasons, sometimes appears in the teeth.

In this article, we explain what this treatment consists of and the different techniques that exist and if you are looking for a good dentist, please write dentist near me on Google, our dental clinic will be waiting for you.

What is tooth whitening?

The smile is your cover letter. If you take care of it, you will be able to make a good impression, in addition to keeping your teeth healthy for a long time. Poor oral hygiene, lack of vitamins or the consumption of certain products, such as medications or coffee, can cause changes in dental tone.

However, to solve this problem today it is possible to whiten your teeth thanks to an aesthetic dental treatment applied by professionals. With it we remove all kinds of stains on the teeth and make them look whiter.

As experts in the sector we are constantly evolving and, therefore, we have the training to use bleaching agents with maximum safety. We know perfectly the protocol to ensure that this whitening system offers you excellent quality results. This medical process can only be carried out in a dental clinic.

Types of teeth whitening

Depending on the teeth in question, we will classify whitening to apply one procedure or another. In any case, they are very effective methods that will give you great satisfaction and increase your self-esteem.

Vital teeth whitening

This type of treatment must be implemented in an outpatient clinic, under an approved medical prescription, or performed in a dental clinic where a 35% hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching agent will be applied.

However, beforehand they check that your oral health is optimal to carry out adequate prophylaxis and isolate the area so that the bleaching agents are not in contact with the periodontal tissues.

Non-vital teeth whitening

This type of technique is usually used to whiten teeth that have bacterial products inside the dental canals, causing necrosis of the pulp to appear.

Again, we emphasize that only professionals are qualified to carry out this process to eradicate the agents that discolor the teeth and the necrotic tissue that may exist in teeth with endodontics and in the pulp chamber.

For this, and always depending on your personal situation, you can use the immediate technique. It consists of activating a chemical combination and applying it at that very moment with hot instrumentation. The results are instant.

If it is determined that it should be applied, in your case the outpatient technique administers a mixture of sodium perborate and hydrogen peroxide in the cavity of the pulp chamber. In turn, a filling will be placed for a time on the surface for the method to be effective. It is a slow process, but sure and it provides satisfactory results.

In certain cases and after an exhaustive analysis, the combination of both techniques may be carried out.

As you can see, teeth whitening is a technique that will make you want to smile again.

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