Scaling and Root Planing

Deep Cleanings in the Montgomery Village, MD Area to Protect Teeth and Gums

Gum disease is rampant among Americans. In fact, gum issues are more of a threat to your oral health than even tooth decay. So if Dr. Yoon notices signs of gum disease during your regular examination, he may recommend a deep cleaning.

A deep cleaning, also called a scaling and root planing, cleanses gum pockets and teeth roots. This treatment can often help stop gum inflammation and infection. Anesthetic is available to help ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Once gum disease is under control, diligent daily care and biannual routine cleanings are often sufficient for continued good oral health. However, it is crucial that you are seen at New Look Dental Care at least every six months for professional examinations and monitoring. Call (240) 477-5921 today for an appointment.