Our Dental Membership Plans

Joining New Look Dental Care’s dental membership plan is quick and easy. It really only takes a few minutes. You can join online here or give us a call, and we can sign you up.

What is a dental membership plan?

Our membership plan allows those with no dental insurance to have regular preventive care (checkups, x-rays, cleanings, etc.) and discounts on other treatment.

Is it some type of dental insurance?

Our membership plan is not insurance. No one has to deal with claims, limitations, deductibles, maximums, waiting periods, or restrictions on what’s covered. We like to keep things simple here.

Isn’t dental work expensive? How much is it to join?

If you don’t have dental insurance through your job, most individual dental insurance plans are $30-$60+ per month, which also include the above-mentioned hoops to jump through. Our plans are simple, easy, and more affordable! Payments auto-renew either monthly or annually (at an even further discount!), just like a Netflix or Costco membership.

Can my family members join too?

We love seeing the whole family in our dental practice! It’s easy to add family members to your plan. The more people that join, the bigger the discount we give!

Sounds easy. How do I join?

Click here for more information and to start the signup process. We hope to see you soon!