Root Canal Therapy

Comfortable, Quick, and Tooth-Saving Root Canals in Gaithersburg, MD

Root Canal Treatment in Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village, Laytonsville MDEven the words “root canal” cause some people to wince. But the truth is that modern root canals are not really that uncomfortable. Dr. Yoon and his team keep your comfort at the forefront of every treatment at New Look Dental Care, and root canals are no exception. We use anesthetic and other measures to keep you relaxed and at ease.

But what is the point of a root canal? Simply put, to save the tooth and stop infection. When the living “insides” of a tooth become infected, you are at risk of losing that tooth. Even worse, the infection can travel throughout your mouth and body.

By removing the infected interior and cleaning out the tooth during a root canal, Dr. Yoon prevents both these outcomes – preserving your tooth and halting the infection.

So if you notice dental pain, swelling in your mouth, pus, or other signs of infection, don’t hesitate! You can call us for an appointment at (240) 477-5921, but we also welcome walk-ins.