Professional Teeth Whitening

Dental Whitening for Patients near Montgomery Village, MD

White Teeth, Brighter Smile in our Gaithersburg officeYou may have tried teeth whitening at home and been disappointed with the results. However, the products available at your grocery store are not prescription-strength and can take a long time to produce noticeable results, if ever.

At New Look Dental Care, we use Ultradent Opalescene teeth whitening products. These products are only available by prescription and can quickly make your teeth significantly whiter.

The Ultradent Opalescene system has many convenient options. You can have your whitening done in our office, which provides the greatest amount of change in the shortest amount of time. We can also provide you with either a customized or a convenient box-set take-home system. Whichever option you choose, your whitening session will brighten up your smile.

For more information on whitening and other cosmetic dental services, please contact us at (240) 477-5921 now.