Tooth Extractions

By Appointment or Walk-In, Tooth Extractions Available in Gaithersburg, MD

You may have seen scenes in old comedy films where a character tries to pull a tooth with string to relieve a toothache. Why would anyone go to such lengths? Because a badly-decayed, infected, or cracked tooth is incredibly painful and can cause you to seek immediate relief.

Although a root canal or other measures can often save such a tooth, there are times when simply pulling – or extracting – the tooth is the best option. If you’re in this situation, you can find excellent care at New Look Dental Care. Dr. Yoon will make every effort to keep you comfortable during the procedure and perform the extraction as quickly as possible.

You’ll be given comprehensive aftercare instructions, but many patients find that their pain decreases significantly once the problem tooth is gone. Dr. Yoon is also glad to discuss your many tooth replacement options.

We accept walk-ins for dental emergencies at New Look Dental Care. Call us now for more information at (240) 477-5921.